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Warts Removal Treatment Services in Hyderabad

Warts are small lumps that often grow on the skin of the hands and feet. These growths of the skin are very common and non-cancerous, they are caused by infection of a virus. Warts can differ in appearance. Most often warts will be round or oval-shaped and have a hard, scaly surface with a small black dot in the centre of each spot. This black dot is due to a small clotted blood vessel. There are several different types of warts and they can develop as a single wart or in clusters. At Eudermiz, we treat all Warts types of allergies like Laser Warts Removal, Viral Infection Treatment, Warts Treatment, Warts Treatment, Viral Infection Treatment etc.

Why consider Wart Removal?

Warts are the result of a viral infection in the top layer of skin, caused by the human papillomavirus. This virus invades the outer layer of skin, causing rapid growth of skin cells, which form the bumpy and hard texture of a wart. Warts are contagious and the infection can be easily spread by skin contact, so it is important to avoid touching them as much as possible.

You may face these problems if you do not remove the Warts:

  • Having warts can be embarrassing especially in visible areas.
  • It is the most loathed and unwanted common skin condition that is infectious
  • If you have warts you need to get them treated quickly, warts can spread on your body if left untreated and can take several years to go.
  • We have a quick, easy, safe and effective procedure to remove warts.
  • We have a proven track record of successfully removing warts.

Why choose Us?

Over-the-counter treatments for warts are sometimes ineffective and you can be left wondering what to do next. At Eudermiz, we have a selection of proven-effective removal methods for Warts. We are experts in Warts Treatment and we are offering the best Treatment of Laser Warts Removal, Viral Infection Treatment, Warts Treatment, Warts Treatment, Viral Infection Treatment in Hyderabad. Book a consultation with our doctor and find out how we can help you finally get rid of your warts & verrucas today.

Call us to book an Appointment for Warts Removal Treatment at Eudermiz, our mobile no. Is +91-63055 35324, and our clinic phone no. is +91-4048520728, you can also email us for an appointment. Our email ID is - [email protected]

FAQ for Permanent Warts Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes warts on the skin. HPV is a large family of viruses that trigger cellular growth. This extracellular growth makes the skin hard. Most cases of warts are usually caused by the spread of the virus through physical contact or through sharing objects with an infected person. The objects can be towels, glasses, clothes, etc.

Warts can also spread through sexual contact. However, it should be noted that not everyone who comes in contact with the virus will develop warts. Each individual’s immune system has a different response to the virus. Depending on the immune system’s capabilities, some individuals might not develop them even after coming in contact with the virus.

Here are some common types of warts:

  • Flat warts: are smooth flat slow growing warts with a rough appearance typically occurring on the face, neck, knees and wrists
  • Filiform warts: are long narrow flesh coloured warts on face and neck
  • Plane warts: are often found on the hands fingers and toes and can look like a small cauliflower
  • Verrucas: are a type of wart that occur on the soles of the feet, they appear flat with a black centre and can cause pain when you walk
  • Genital Warts: are greyish flesh coloured warts with a cauliflower type appearance found in the anal and genital areas.

Unfortunately, yes. You can get warts from touching a wart on someone else’s body, or by coming in contact with surfaces that touched someone’s warts, such as towels or bathmats.

What are the Symptoms of Warts?

Although there are several types of warts, some of the symptoms are common across all of them, they are:

  • Small and fleshy bumps
  • White or pink colored flesh
  • Roughness on the skin’s surface
  • Small black dots around the wart

If you have been in contact with someone with warts the chances of catching warts are higher if there is a point of entry for the virus into the skin, such as skin cuts, abrasions or scratches on your hands and feet.

How Long Do Warts Last?

Warts are different in different people. In time, many warts disappear on their own.With treatment, warts can usually be removed within a few weeks, but they may come back if the virus causing them stays in the skin.

Although many warts disappear on their own with time, it's a good idea to show your wart to a Dermatologist at Eudermiz, who can recommend a treatment method if you need one.If you discover a wart on your face or on your genital area, call Our Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad. She can determine the best treatment for those areas, which are very sensitive.

Also call the doctor if a wart or the skin around it is:

  • Painful
  • Red
  • Bleeding
  • Swollen
  • Oozing pus

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