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Pimple Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

Pimples or acne is a condition suffered by almost 10% of the world’s population. It is suffered by both teenagers and adults, and it needs proper care to ensure you get rid of it completely. Pimples or acne are generally found on the face, arms, neck, back, forehead, and chest. And, the factors that cause acne include hormonal imbalance, pollution, lifestyle choices, stress, and more. However, fret not. With the right dermatological treatments from Eudermiz, you can be free of any type of acne; even if it is something severe. Treatments by Dr. A Sai Sandeepthi ensure a plethora of benefits apart from giving you clear skin.

ne of the right ways to deal with acne or pimples is to get the condition treated early. It helps prevent this while promising clearer skin sooner rather than later. Through this services we provide Pimple Removal Treatment, Laser Treatment for Acne Scars, Acne Treatment, Chemical Peels Treatment, Comedone Extraction Treatment, Intralesional Injection Therapy, Laser Treatment for Acne, Acne Removal Treatment, Acne Skin Treatment, Laser Treatment for Pimple Services. In Eudermiz, doctors deal with the root cause of the condition to eradicate it completely from your system. Some of the most common pimple removal treatments include:

Chemical Peel Treatment in Hyderabad

During this treatment, the patient is given a unique acne removal chemical peel, which helps remove the upper dead skin cells and brings out new and fresh skin, free of pimples.

Comedone Extraction Treatment in Hyderabad

With the help of special equipment, comedone- commonly known as blackheads and whiteheads- are removed with precision by our dermatologist Dr. A Sai Sandeepthi.

Intralesional Injections Theraphy in Hyderabad

This treatment is helpful for nodules and cystic acne. Here, intralesional injections are given to the patient to stop the growth and promote clear skin

Medicines Treatment in Hyderabad

Post consultation, depending on your condition, our doctor might prescribe topical and oral medications.

To enjoy clear and beautiful skin, Eudermiz should be your go-to destination as we offer state-of-the-art facilities combined with advanced technology to ensure you get the comprehensive treatment that you deserve.

Why Choose US?

Dr. A. Sai Sandeepthi and her staff provide up-to-date skincare solutions to patients. If you are facing Skin and Hair related problems, you can meet us. We are experts in Pimple Removal Treatment and we are offering the best services of Pimple Removal Treatment, Laser Treatment for Acne Scars, Acne Treatment, Chemical Peels Treatment, Comedone Extraction Treatment, Intralesional Injection Therapy, Laser Treatment for Acne, Acne Removal Treatment, Acne Skin Treatment, Laser Treatment for Pimple. At Eudermiz, Dr. A. Sai Sandeepthi is specialist of Pimple Removal Treatment, has many years of experience.

At Eudermiz, our primary mission and ultimate goal is to achieve clear and healthy skin and Hair for our clients. We treat all types of Skin & Hair related problems. With our advanced training and education in all aspects of Skin Care and Hair Care, we utilize the best innovative technologies for Skin & Hair Treatment. We at Eudermiz offer specialized Pimple Removal Treatment Services that include highly effective ingredients and technologies.

Call us to book an Appointment for Pimple Removal Treatment at Eudermiz, our mobile no. Is +91-63055 35324, and our clinic phone no. is +91-4048520728, you can also email us for an appointment. Our email ID is - [email protected]

FAQ for Pimple Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

Acne scars are the dark and sometimes swollen pits left in the skin long after the pimple has healed and are divided into four categories according to appearance and cause: ice pick, boxcar, rolling and hypertrophic (raised and bumpy because of excess scar tissue under the skin).

Acne scars happen when healthy tissue is damaged and replaced with fibrous tissue. Often the result of picking and squeezing spots, it can take some time for them to heal. For some, acne scars can become permanent.

Surprisingly, all acne scars are NOT caused by picking at the outbreak. The skin on your face is extremely sensitive and if you suffer from extreme bouts of intense inflammation, such as what often occurs when you have cystic acne, hypertrophic acne scars will be the result.

The first stage of acne treatment is creams, ointments, or gels usually containing a drying agent, such as benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is also an antibacterial that helps to clear excess oil and dead skin cells. Examples of these treatments are Acnecide, Skinoren, and Differin.

There are multiple over the counter creams that succeed in getting rid of acne scars by “bleaching” the discolored parts, but they don’t take out the pits or take out the scars altogether. Laser acne scar removal uses lasers to clear the skin by smoothing the surface while increasing the production of collagen. Injections involve injecting fillers into the indented areas, while chemical peels take out layers of skin, leaving behind fresh, new looking skin. And finally, fat grafting is done by removing excess fat from your trouble spots and injecting the fat into indented areas.

There are various treatment options available for acne scars, including laser treatments, chemical peels, and fillers. The UltraPulse Scar FX laser and Enerjet JVR technology are the latest technologies available for the most effective treatment of scars.

There is no difference between acne and pimples. Pimple is a layman term for acne. However, acne once diagnosed can be a long-term & recurring condition whilst the occasional zit & breakout is referred to as pimple.

Acne lesions are most commonly sighted on the face when pores become clogged with sebum and dead skin. Sometimes this leads to infection and inflammation. However acne is also seen on the back.

Makeup doesn’t necessarily cause acne, but it can impact it. If you suffer from acne, you don’t necessarily need to stop wearing makeup altogether. If you suspect your foundation is causing problems, you might want to try switching to another brand and using a different type of makeup. Don’t forget about other products that may be getting on your face, shampoos, hairsprays, or hair gels can be responsible for contributing to breakouts on your forehead. The best thing to do is to look for brands and types of makeup and other cosmetic products that are labeled “non comedogenic.” That means they won’t clog your pores!

If over-the-counter acne treatments and gentle face washing don’t work for you, it’s a good time to schedule an appointment with us. Cases of severe acne require a more aggressive treatment plan to prevent acne scars from occurring. We can determine the best method for treating your acne at our office in Hyderabad

  • Do not poke the pimples
  • Use resurfacing products
  • Maintain good hygiene
  • Eat for your skin. Drink a lot of fluids and avoid too much sugar
  • Use non-comedogenic makeup
  • Avoid too much sun exposure and use sunscreen
  • Keep your pillow cases clean

  • Chemical peels: In this method, an acidic solution is applied to the affected skin. The solution destroys dead skin, unclogs pores & makes way for new skin to regenerate. It is one of the most common methods to get rid of acne scars.
  • Dermal filler: Gel-like substances are injected into the skin to restore the lost cell volume due to breakouts and scarring

Microneedling: In this derma-roller procedure small needles are to prick the skin. It aims at generation of new collagen and tissue for even, smoother, firmer skin.

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