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Hair Transplant Treatment in Hyderabad

Eudermiz Clinic, a leading Hair Transplant Clinic conveniently located in Nallagandla, Hyderabad, ensuring easy accessibility for all. Finding us is effortless with the help of Google Maps.

At Eudermiz, we take pride in being the top choice for hair transplant in Hyderabad, providing premium services and world-class facilities for hair restoration procedures. Our team comprises some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the city. We are committed to delivering 100% natural-looking results to all our patients after their hair transplant procedure. With highly trained staff and certified doctors, rest assured that you will receive the most suitable treatment tailored to your unique hair loss condition.

Our approach involves a comprehensive and meticulous process, starting with a professional diagnosis of your scalp and hair condition. This allows us to create an accurate and personalized action plan to effectively address your concerns, solidifying our position as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad.

Why Eudermiz Hyderabad Hair Transplant Clinic stands out? We combine high-quality, premium hair transplant procedures with the expertise of highly experienced and certified doctors and surgeons. To benefit from our services, book your first consultation with us today! Experience the difference at Eudermiz Clinic.

About Our Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad

Hair transplant is a complex and comprehensive medical procedure performed by skilled doctors and surgeons to achieve natural-looking and long-lasting results. Eudermiz hair transplant clinic, led by extensively trained and highly qualified surgeons, specializes in treating patients with hair loss, hair fall, baldness, and other hair-related issues. Employing the best Eudermiz technique in Hyderabad and equipped with the latest tools and technologies, our clinic ensures effective solutions with a focus on achieving natural results.

Eudermiz holds the esteemed reputation of being the top hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad. Our commitment lies in providing cutting-edge hair transplant solutions and treatments that meet the highest industry standards and protocols, all backed by extensive research and development. Each patient who seeks our services is given premium treatment, customized to cater to their specific needs and requirements.

Advanced Hair Transplantation surgery is performed in two methods by the best hair transplant doctor in Hyderabad:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Technique

FUT, also known as the strip method, involves a simple process where strips of hair are extracted from the donor area in approximately 15-30 minutes. These hair strips are then prepared under a microscope and implanted into the recipient area using a hollow needle. This method allows for the removal of a considerable number of hair root groups, typically up to 2500.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique

In the FUE procedure, individual follicular units containing 1-4 hairs are harvested from areas with dense hair growth and then implanted into thinning or balding areas of low density. This technique, employed at our hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad, uses small punch incisions to extract follicular units, eliminating the need for stitches.

The main distinction between FUT and FUE, the leading hair transplant techniques in Hyderabad, lies in the method of extracting hair follicles from the donor area. However, both techniques share an identical implantation process.

At Eudermiz's hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad, we place strong emphasis on maintaining stringent hygiene protocols, ensuring maximum patient safety within our facility. Through innovative and advanced tools and techniques, we deliver relevant, effective, and satisfying treatments and services to our valued clients. If you are seeking the best hair transplant in Hyderabad to address your hair fall or hair loss concerns, Eudermiz hair transplant clinic is the ideal choice for you.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant offers a permanent solution for various degrees of hair loss. This surgical technique involves transplanting hair from the backside of the scalp to the bald or thinning areas on the head, referred to as the 'recipient area.' The donor area, where the hair is taken from, is typically located at the back of the scalp. Apart from treating hair loss on the head, hair transplant procedures are also viable for restoring eyebrows and beards. Therefore, if you're looking for the best and affordable hair transplant in Hyderabad, you can find suitable options available.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. A. Sai Sandeepthi and her staff provide up-to-date skincare solutions to patients. If you are facing skin related problems like Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scars, pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Age Spots, Brown Spots, Enlarged Pores, Blackheads, Stretch Marks, Treating Aged, Dull Looking Skin Complexion, Uneven Skin Tone, Texture, Melasma, Sun Damage, and Fine Lines, you can meet us. We are experts in Microdermabrasion (MDA) Treatment and we are offering the best services of Microdermabrasion (MDA) Treatment in Hyderabad. At Eudermiz, Dr. A. Sai Sandeepthi is a specialist in Microdermabrasion (MDA) Treatment, and has many years of experience.

At Eudermiz, our primary mission and ultimate goal is to achieve clear and healthy skin and Hair for our clients. We treat all types of Skin & Hair related problems. With our advanced training and education in all aspects of Skin Care and Hair Care, we utilize the best innovative technologies for Skin & Hair Treatment. We at Eudermiz offer specialized Microdermabrasion (MDA) Treatment Services that include highly effective ingredients and technologies.

Call us to book an Appointment for Hair Transplant Treatment in Eudermiz, our mobile no. Is +91-63055 35324, and our clinic phone no. is +91-4048520728, you can also email us for an appointment. Our email ID is - [email protected]

FAQ for Stretch Mark Removal Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair transplant is a cosmetic medical procedure involving the extraction of hair roots from designated donor areas. These harvested hair roots are subsequently transplanted to the bald areas known as the recipient site, all in a single session.

The main cause of male pattern baldness is a malfunction in genetics. However, several contributing factors can exacerbate the condition, including environmental changes, dietary habits, fungal infections, thyroid imbalances, and side effects of certain medications.

Hair transplant does offer permanent results; however, the success of the procedure relies on the expertise of the surgeon and your commitment to post-procedure maintenance.

Following a hair transplant procedure, the complete hair growth cycle usually takes approximately one year to reach fruition. Hair growth typically initiates around three months after the transplantation process begins.

Your eligibility for a hair transplant technique is determined by the hair transplant surgeon, taking into consideration your level of baldness and the condition of your donor area. This evaluation is conducted during the initial consultation to determine the most suitable approach for your specific case.

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