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Myths of Sunscreen

Myths of Sunscreen

MYTH 1: Applying Sunscreen will Stop the Body from getting Vitamin D

This is the biggest myth about sunscreen. The source of Vitamin D is not only the Sun, but we can also nourish Vitamin D by eating Fatty Fish, Milk, Orange juices, etc which have a higher amount of Vitamin D.

There is no proof that usage of sunscreens prevents from getting Vitamin D. Some amount of UV rays will reach the skin even if you apply Sunscreen.

Myth 2: If i spend the Day at Home or i Travel in the Car, i don’t need to apply Sunscreen:

It’s completely false. Even if you stay at home you may expose yourself to the windows or rooftops, which might affect your skin with the sun radiation. Window glasses or car glasses will only reflect UVB rays, but not UVA rays so in order to protect your skin from these hazardous UVA rays you need to apply sunscreen lotion.

Myth 3: Higher the Sun Protection Factor (Spf), Higher the Protection:

Does using higher SPF value protect your skin completely?

No, It’s impossible to completely protect the skin from UV rays. However, the higher SPF values will protect more but not in a proportional way.

Recent research says that SPF 15 will protect us from 94%, SPF 30 protects 97%, and SPF 45 - 98%. So this says that even with SPF maximum value we cannot completely protect from UV rays.

Myth 4: People with darker skin tone doesn’t need sunscreen:

The color doesn’t change the fact much. UV rays will go through the body irrespective of skin tone. Being darker doesn’t mean he /she has higher immunity. So people with any skin tone must use Sunscreen to protect themselves.

Myth 5: UV rays doesn’t harm in a cold / cloudy day :

False, the cold or cloudy day doesn’t stop UV rays reaching the earth. But it only allows 40-60% of UV rays. So you need to use Sunscreen throughout the year irrespective of the season. You must always be prepared for sudden changes in the weather.

Myth 6: I can be protected from Sunburn with the formation of Base Tan :

The base tan is a firm layer on the surface of the skin which is formed to protect us from sunburns. But this layer is the same as the sunscreen of SPF 3, which is very low. So ever with a base tan, you must use Sunscreen.

Myth 7: Sunscreen can be used once a day:

False. Sunscreens are washed away if you wash or rub your face. However typical sunscreens last for 2-3hours, So If you are planning for a trip definitely make sure to carry the sunscreen with you.

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