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How to take care of Dry Skin & Dull Skin this Winter

If you have dry & Dull skin, your skin needs extra care and moisturization during the cold & harsh winter months. The cold air which lacks moisture surrounds you and can make your skin look dull and dehydrated. Therefore, it is important to properly take care of your skin during the winters. The winter air can also lead to schistose skin and irritation caused severe allergic reactions. The cold temperature has the potential to wreak havoc on your skin and sometimes, can also lead to permanent damage.

To prevent winter skin issues and to keep skin healthy-looking and moisturized in winters, Follow these tips from expert dermatologist Dr.Sandeepthi, skincare tips religiously.

How to take care of Dry Skin & Dull Skin this Winter

What skincare tips to follow to take care of dry & dull skin in this winter?

It can be quite a difficult task to take care of dry & dull skin during the winters. Skincare routine is  different based on the skin type of a person. Some products and routines which may work for one person may not work for another person. Keeping this in mind, some general tips work for almost all people. No matter what your skin type is, you can follow these tips to keep your skin feeling hydrated and healthy,  avoid winter skin issues:

Shower in Lukewarm Water: While it is very comfortable and convenient to use super-hot water while taking a shower during the winters, repeated use of hot water can cause your skin to dry out. It is best to use lukewarm water rather than hot. This will help you keep the moisture in your skin locked in and will prevent you from experiencing dry, scaly and itchy skin. 

Use shower oils and body cleaning oils instead of shower gels and soap: During these winters, your skin needs as much moisturization as it can get. Therefore, even while taking a shower, you should keep in mind to use only oil-based products such as bath oils and body cleansing oils. These will help you retain the moisture of your skin. Soap and shower gels are great for normal weather but can cause your already dry & dull skin to be even drier & dull. Look for products that have plant oils as ingredients to protect your skin’s moisture barrier. 

Use a thick oil-based moisturizer for your skin: Moisturization is a step that should not be ignored. Anyone with a dry & dull skin type should use a thick, oil-based moisturizer to keep their skin hydrated. Using a moisturizer right after taking a shower and always your face will lock in the moisture and keep skin dryness away during the harsh months of winters. You should choose a cream or a moisturizer that is thicker than your everyday cream to heal dry & dull skin. 

Wash your face only twice a day: Over-washing your face can have negative side effects. When you wash your face, you also strip your skin of all the oil that your skin naturally produces to keep your skin hydrated. As a person with a dry  & dull skin type, the oil production is already below what it should be, and washing your face multiple times in a day will cause your skin to be dry and flakey. You should only wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night to avoid stirring your dry skin during the winters.

Use sunscreen if you step out of your home: Even though the sun feels nice on the skin on a cold winter day, you should always remember to apply sunscreen on all your body parts that might be exposed to sun rays. The UV rays can cause serious damage to your skin and can even make your skin dry and dull. If you are in the sun for a long time, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen every three to four hours.

Avoid using products that contain alcohol: Products such as skin toners that have alcohol tend to dry the skin as it absorbs the moisture from the skin. Therefore, it is best to avoid using such products during winter.

Use a night serum: A serum is a concentrate that is full of ingredients that moisturize the skin thoroughly. People with dry & dull skin should opt for serums that contain ingredients such as Vitamin E and C for repairing and preventing dry & dull skin, hyaluronic acid for absorbing moisture from the air and pulling it to the surface of the skin, and oils such as Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil and Grapeseed Oil.

As we all know winter demands more skin precautions. Don’t be too lazy to follow the tips, otherwise, you may regret later.

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