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How to style your hair without damage

How you style your hair can cause hair to look brittle, frizzy and lackluster, or even fall out. Follow these tips from expert dermatologist Dr.Sandeepthi, to help style your hair without causing damage.

How to style your Hair Without Damage
  • After a shower or bath, wrap your hair in a towel to dry it. Allowing your hair to air dry is another option.
  • Most people should handle moist hair. as little as possible as moist hair breaks more easily when brushed or combed. However, people with tightly curled or textured hair should brush their hair when moist to decrease the chances of hair breaking.
  • Keep brushing to a minimum. Brushing your hair 100 times per day can cause split ends.
  • Reduce your use of "long-lasting hold" styling products. Combing your hair after you apply the products can cause the hair to break and can lead to hair loss over time.
  • Give your hair time to partially air dry before your comb or style. Decreasing how often you blow-dry every week also helps limit the damage.
  • Flat irons should only be used on dry hair on a low or medium heat setting, and no more than every other day. If you use a curling iron, leave it in place for no more than two seconds. Excessive heat can damage all types of hair.
  • Do not continuously wear braids, cornrows, ponytails, and hair extensions. These styles pull on your hair and can cause tension that leads to breaking. If the tension continues, permanent hair loss can be developed.

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